Femeia care a agresat-o pe Cristina Joia a fost arestată pentru 30 de zile


The woman who assaulted Cristina Joia was arrested for 30 days, on Tuesday evening, November 10. 

Cristina Joia, the designer of the show ‘Turnkey Dreams’, from PRO TVFemeia care a agresat-o pe Cristina Joia a fost arestată pentru 30 de zile, was assaulted on Saturday afternoon, in a supermarket in sector 4.

She received a punch in the face and arrived at the hospital with a bloody face . She suffered a nasal pyramid fracture and underwent surgery. Although she has recovered from the shock, Cristina Joia is still in pain and disfigured. She filed a criminal complaint against the aggressor.

Cristina Joia’s aggressor was arrested

‘I have recovered from the shock, I am waiting for the doctors to tell me when I will be discharged. How this wound will heal… remains to be seen after I take off my bandages. It is a long and quite painful process. For now, I haven’t thought about what to do with the filming that is in full swing. I’m waiting to see what the doctors’ recommendations are, I intend to take it step by step. I don’t want anyone to go through something like that ‘, she told Click!

Cristina Joia’s aggressor is called Ștefania Andrei and she is 34 years old . The woman was detained on Monday evening, and on Tuesday, November 10, the court decided to arrest her for 30 days. It was identified based on images from surveillance cameras and the number on the car.

Initially, she said that she hit Cristina Joia because she offended her and broke her car wiper, which would have infuriated her. After spending the night in custody, she changed her statement.

The aggressor changed her statements

‘He broke my car wiper, he swore at me. I just hit her. Not so strong. I punched him, really , ‘ said the woman.

‘If he had punched me, it wouldn’t have been so bad. But the bones inside are practically cut off. Just because I told him he wasn’t parking properly. We started to be led by underworld clans and to be afraid to take a stand on something you believe in, ‘ the designer told PRO TV.
After 24 hours behind bars, Ștefania Andrei admitted that the victim did not break her car wiper, she only picked it up to warn her that she had parked in an illegal place. The bully will be charged with the crime of hitting and other violence, for which he risks up to 5 years in prison.
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